Miss Pole Dance Australia 2017 & 2015 | Paragon International Champion 2015 | Coauthor of Don't Even - 'The ultimate Guide For women who Won't Settle' | Brand Ambassador

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Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Miss Filly began her pole dancing career at Pole Divas, one of the longest running pole dancing studios in the city, established in 2004. From there she quickly became addicted to pole and being on stage as she turned professional as a teacher and state level competitor in 2010 after only a year of pole dance as a student.

The inspiration to try Pole Dancing as a new form of dance fitness and exercise came from her sister who, with an extensive dance background was looking to return to a class environment and learn new skills and build strength. Inspired by the teachers and falling in love with the environment, they both became addicted to the sport taking part in 5 or more classes a week and participating in shows and student competitions.

After winning the Advanced student category of β€˜Unleashed’, Pole Divas’ in house student competition a young and ambitious Filly was asked to teach for Pole Divas in 2010. Loving where this new found passion had taken her physically and mentally, she quit her job as a Database Implementation consultant to make Pole Dance a full time occupation. It was the best decision she ever made. 

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