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Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Miss Filly began her pole dancing career at Pole Divas, one of the longest running pole dancing studios in the city, established in 2004.

From there she became quickly addicted to pole and being on stage as she turned professional as a teacher and state level competitor in 2010 after only a year of pole dance as a student.

The inspiration to try Pole Dancing as a new form of dance fitness and exercise came from her sister who, with an extensive dance background was looking to return to a class environment and learn new skills and build strength. Inspired by the teachers and falling in love with the environment, they both became addicted to the sport taking part in 5 or more classes a week and participating in shows and student competitions.

After winning the Advanced student category of ‘Unleashed’, Pole Divas’ in house student competition a young and ambitious Filly was asked to teach for Pole Divas in 2010. Loving where this new found passion had taken her physically and mentally, she quit her job as a Database Implementation consultant to make Pole Dance a full time occupation. It was the best decision she ever made. She saw the impact she could have on the lives of others, building the self esteem and confidence of women and transforming not just their minds but their bodies too. This in itself was addictive and she knew this is where she wanted to build her career.

miss Filly

Having being taught and inspired by some of the best pole dancers in the world, she still trains and teaches full time for the studio where it all began. Miss Filly is passionate about the pole industry, the quality of instructors and the health and fitness benefits for the minds and bodies of the men and women she teaches. This passion has led her to take on the Training Director role at Pole Divas looking to ensure the safest and most skilled instructors are available to the students.

As Director of Training for Pole Divas her job is primarily to assist studio owners in the development of their instructors to their full potential. Over five Pole Divas studios (Mornington, Moonee Ponds, Prahran, Caroline Springs & Richmond) all instructors are provided with a channel to evolve and progress in their craft and actively participate in their professional development. Additionally, she has recreated and oversees the both the Spin and Static syllabus to ensure smooth progression and relevance.

Focused on continued education and support, Pole Divas training framework has been well finessed over the years. As an integral part of the recruitment process at Pole Divas, Filly ensures trainee instructors are supported as they are taken through an 8 week induction and training program teaching them basic anatomy and language, interpersonal skills and communication. In addition to this they are taught the foundations of choreography and music theory to prepare them to be the best instructor they can be.
For each new skill or style they teach they are trained in its foundations first before adding their own flair to it. Consistency across the studios leads to progression and is key for student retention and this Upkilling program has been important for the franchise as it ensures Instructors are confident and competent in the types of classes they teach.

At Divas, our instructors create an inspiring and empowered environment as each woman is given the chance to be a role model for each other and for the students. To assist in this, a strong support system between the studio manager or owner and myself has been created to field any questions or hear concerns or ideas. The Coordinator role needed for every level at Divas in Static and Spin pole provides the opportunity for any instructor gain more responsibly, contribute to the syllabus and the way we teach our students, and also a chance to develop their choreography skills and teaching technique.

Maintaining these systems, manual writing and liaising between studios is a great part of her role at Pole Divas.

Passionate about her own career as a Professional Competitive Pole Dancer she is just as passionate about her students experiencing time on stage as well as the process of putting a show together. She found that as her coaching workload increased, she was more able to ascertain what worked best for different people to get the results they wanted. Working with the individual to build their confidence, body awareness and overall strength in technique makes her one of the most popular coaches in Victoria.

After appearing in the observational documentary film, ‘Blood Sweat & Sequins’ which followed the lives of three pole dancers competing for the Miss Pole Dance Australia 2013 title, she has explored many other collaborations including a signature line with pole and work out wear brand, RARR Designs, and Social Star for the BetterBody 12 Week program.

A social media fiend, you can find her posting spins, flips and splits on Instagram and Facebook as she documents her training sessions and workouts!


A regular on the professional competition scene around Australia her experience over the years has led to titles that include:

miss filly

★ Pole Championship Series at the Arnold Classic - 2nd Place 2017

★ Miss Pole Dance Australia SOLO WINNER 2017

★ Australian Pole Championships - 2nd Place 2016

★ Victorian Pole Championships - 2nd Place 2016

★ Paragon - International Pole Dance Competition WINNER 2015

★ Australian Pole Championships - 3rd Place 2015

★ Victorian Pole Championships - 3rd Place 2015

★ Miss Pole Dance Australia SOLO WINNER 2015

★ Pole And Aerial All Stars - 2nd Place 2014

★ Miss Pole Dance Australia Doubles WINNER 2014

★ Miss Pole Dance Victoria SOLO WINNER 2014

★ Miss Pole Dance Victoria Doubles WINNER 2014