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We started out in December 2012, making a small range of clothing for Aerial Fit Studios in the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

Rarr is a small team, girls just like YOU, made up of friends and family. We love working together and put that same love into fabulous and unique exercise garb just for you.

Spandex is our best friend and our addiction to all things cute and sparkly lead us to creating amazing booty shorts, bras and other accessories for our other passion – Pole Dancing.

Our workshop is in the burbs of Melbourne. 80% of our products are Australian, Melbourne Made. We love keeping Australians in local jobs.

We try and keep our prices as low and affordable as possible so you can buy lots more cute pieces to wear to Pole, Gym or just hanging around.

Our designs are as individual as you are, if you can describe it – we can supply it. Edgy, Bright – a little bizarre – We are Rarrrr


Rachel started designing and sewing at the the young age of 14 years, she was inspired by her Grandmother. Throughout high school Rachel loved sewing up bright and colourful pants for herself and friends.

She then went on to study Fashion design for 3 years, she picked up many awards for her own clothing creations. Straight after study Rachel landed a job at a old 90’s company Cherrylane. Cherrylane taught Rachel lots about the clothing industry and importing from China.
Then she landed her dream job Designer at Adidas, she worked as the Head designer for 6 years. She designed Mens, Ladies and Kids activewear ranges.

Whilst instructing Pole, Rarr was created and she has never looked back.

Miss Filly and Rarr Designs met in 2013 and since 2014 have released multiple signature Miss Filly pieces that have appeared on the cover of Australian Pole Dance Magazine and are now sold world wide.


Creatures of XIX are one of the most innovative and forward thinking Pole Dance and Gym-wear Brands out there. Creators of Gecko XIX® fabric, wearers of Gecko Grip Leggings and other Gecko Grip apparel can Breathe, Flex and Grip! They also offer a ton of risqué Pole Dance & Gym-wear, from sports bras and booty shorts to harnesses and kneepads. 

A Brand for the Wild Ones, check them out at

Creatures of XIX are proud to have Miss Filly as The Cheetah of XIX, Being Fierce is just what we do. 

Bling It Heels was born in 2014 by Founder/Owner, Caroline Cazcapstar, with the idea to offer the Australian Pole and Fitness Community an opportunity to custom design sparkly pole dancing heels that could be uniquely created for the individual, right here in Australia.

To say that Caroline loves “Bling” is an understatement. From covering herself in glitter in performances to costumes and photo shoots, you can be confident that what ever crazy idea you may have in mind, Caroline will be able help bring your dream pair of Heels to life.

Some of Caroline’s most popular designs include: Bow Peep, Nudie, Pink Diamond, Sinderella, Rocket and Feel the Steel.

As well as running the business and designing Heels, Caroline is also the ideas person behind the images for the Bling It Heels hot pants range. Collaborating with Daisy from The Peach Pole Studio to bring the pole community some cheeky, humorous, fun and affordable hot pants. Caroline has also worked on other collaborations with partners such as ElectricAges which saw the very exclusive range of strappy hot pants – Black Beauty, Leopard Lovers and Rainbows which sold out in minutes.

Bling It Heels likes to ensure your heels are made to perfection so the highest of quality products are sourced and used to create every dancer’s custom dream heels. 

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don't even

Every woman has an intimate story to tell, whether it be an awkward first date, a meaningful long term relationship, or a month long tryst that crashed and burned. These experiences, whether you know it or not, all serve to shape and influence the person you are today. Not one experience is a waste of time and only if you're willing to reflect on them, will you discover the hidden truths and invaluable lessons the universe always intended for you.

That casual hook up you didn't expect to fall for, the heart throb that unceremoniously dumped you or the crazy nut bar you almost got a restraining order against? We know those guys. They have been the stories we told our friends, and though some are painfully raw, they are honest. They are us.

This book takes you on a whirlwind of emotions and hilarious encounters in our quest to find the ultimate unicorn. In this candid tell-all, we reveal the good, the bad and the wonderfully orgasmic in hopes that our experiences will help you on your own journey as you navigate through the dating world.

In this reflective and entertaining recount of the men your authors, Tania Fletcher & Philippa Rasidi have dated, come insights and inspiration from their experiences. Raw, honest and captivating to read, ‘Don’t Even - The Ultimate Guide For Women Who Won’t Settle’ is the real life journey of two women fresh out of their long term relationships stepping into a new world of dating. The mistakes they make along the way, the types of men they encounter and the lessons they learn on the way make this book relatable and hilarious to read. A thought-provoking epilogue deals with the stigmas on dating, the way relationships are formed these days and encourages the reader to find their own happiness in themselves first.