New Ambassador for Creatures of XIX!

"Our first ever Pussy Power Hour interview was with Miss Filly, and so it felt so perfect that she be our feline creature, our Cheetah. Cheetahs are fierce, fit and fast! Although they like the hunt, you'll never hear them roar. Playful purrs only from this kitty!"

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Touring 2017!

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WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND // 14th April - 17th April

SYDNEY, AUS (Dance Filthy) // 29th April - 30th April

SYDNEY, AUS (Hardcore) // 20th May - 21st May

UK TOUR // 15th July - 31st July

LAS VEGAS, US (Pole Expo) // 3rd September - 10th September

BARCELONA, SPAIN // 28th September - 1st October 

GOLD COAST, AUS (Pole Fest) // 13th October - 15th October

PHUKET, THAILAND (Pole Camp) // 3rd December - 10th December 

Photo by the amazing Emma Salmon of The Black Light photography #nailedit

Photo by the amazing Emma Salmon of The Black Light photography #nailedit

Pole Championship Series 2017 Results

Held at the Arnold Classic, Melbourne in March 2017, the Pole Championship Series was a successfully run professional, men's, women's and amateur competition run by Toby J Monson.


PCS Championships:

1st - Karry Summers / 2nd - Miss Filly / 3rd - Joanna Littlewood-Johnson

Women’s Open:

1st - Crystal McRostie / 2nd - Abbey Eff  / 3rd - Laura Larson

Women’s Novice Open

1st - Tahlia Tomney / 2nd - Alex-andra Leigh  / 3rd - Demi Daniels

Master’s Open

1st - Lilli Simpson / 2nd - Madalen Baltussen 

Men’s Open:

1st - David Eggleton / 2nd - Adam Lin  / 3rd - Xaviar Lake


Miss Filly on SnapChat - missfillybitch

Miss Filly on SnapChat - missfillybitch

2016 Australian Aerial Awards Results

Here's a photo of me with a tipsy smile and a sash for Best Female Performance from the Aerial Awards! It was such an honour to be nominated alongside these other amazing pole dancers and my friends, Amy Hazel, Bethany Finlay and Gracie Buntine. 

Thank you to everyone who voted, it means the world! Check out performance I was nominated with here: